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Posted by in Friday, July 19, 2013

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These guys are the best!

I tried this auto repair shop for a second opinion when I thought my original shop’s estimate was too high. They were able to give me an estimate over the phone and without knowing my original estimate were an incredible 75% lower!! Car’s running great and I saved $750.


The best service I’ve had on my car in years! Thank you!

Rob McDougall

Great trustworthy place to take your cars for repair!
—Roger Lindsay

The only mechanic I will let touch any vehicle I own. Simply the best!

—James Payne

Kevin is honest and wont give you the run around. He does a good job when no one else will.
—Jason Warthen

My 2001 Honda CRV began running very poorly as if a cylinder or two were not firing properly. The check engine light came on so I took the car to a certain Honda dealer that’s near the Boise Towne Square mall. After a full day of looking at the vehicle I was told I needed a new cylinder head because the valves were burnt (a typical problem with first generation CRV’s) and the repair would cost $3500. I consider myself to be a competent shade tree auto mechanic and do all the work on my cars unless the check engine light comes on. That’s when I figure I need a trained expert to fix the problem, therefore the Honda dealer visit. Based upon my own experience I was convinced the problem was electrical and not mechanical because of the symptoms and the fact that the problem came on all at once (electrical problems tend to happen quickly whereas valves typically burn over a period of time and not all at once), but the Honda dealer insisted a cylinder head replacement was the answer. They also insisted nothing but a NEW $2000 Honda cylinder head would do and after I inquired about having my current cylinder head rebuilt they said they were not aware of anyone in Boise who could do such a repair (hint: Do a Google search, there are several auto engine machine shops in Boise). I drive past Auto Surgeon on Federal Way just about every workday morning but never had reason to call them, till then. I called Auto Surgeon for a second opinion (full pun intended) and estimate. I spoke to Kevin (whom I did not know) who said he could do the cylinder head work by refurbishing my current cylinder head for 1/3 the Honda dealers estimate AND at the same 12 month/12000 mile warranty. And yes, Kevin partners with a Boise machine shop to have the work done locally – he does this type of repair often. Kevin also agreed that the symptoms I described could possibly be electrical. I had the car towed to Auto Surgeon for Kevin to check out. The next morning Kevin called me to say the car was fixed and running great! The problem? A FAULTY SPARK PLUG WIRE! Yup, a $10 part fixed a $3500 cylinder head problem. With towing, four new plug wires, four new spark plugs and labor I was out the door of Auto Surgeon at $238. Kevin could have done the cylinder head repair and made more profit, but he opted to do the right and honest thing. An HONEST and COMPETENT mechanic is a very good and difficult thing to find. If you need car help (any make), give Kevin of Auto Surgeon on Federal Way a call. (For the record, I have no affiliation to Auto Surgeon or Kevin…I didn’t even know him before this situation…but he’ll get the car work I’m not able to do myself from now on.)

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